Sin Ella


Sin Ella (Without Her) - 2010

Following the success of his first movie “Cansada de Besar Sapos“, Jorge Colón teamed up again with Miravista to write and direct his second movie “Sin Ella.” The film wrapped in April of ’09, and was released in November of 2010 as the first film shot in Mexico in 35mm and as the first to be projected digitally in Mexico City.

Shooting for “Sin Ella” lasted eight weeks. It was shot on 35mm, three perf, with Arri Cameras, and 35 mm lenses. Renown Mexican Director of Photography Eduardo “Lalo” Martinez Solanes was in charge of the Cinematography; and Claudia Vazquez was at the lead of the Production Design.

The whole idea behind “Sin Ella” was to create a movie where all its elements; photography, production design, art direction, sound, acting, and music, would look as natural and real as possible. Achieving this real and sincere tone was the only way to ensure that the audience would easily connect with the film and embrace it.


Making of...

Music Videos

Jorge Colón directed these music videos as part of the soundtrack for the movie SIN ELLA.

  • Tommy Torres - Desde Hoy
  • Shine - Tres Lunares
  • Zania - Canción Para Tí