Don Q – Bad Guy

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Bad Guy for Don Q Press Release
Letca Films presents this new production sponsored by Destilería Serrallés titled Bad Guy. The spot, directed by Jorge Colón, offers a new way of approaching the global issue of drunk driving.
With cinematographic quality the spot shows a restaurant worker completing her night shift and heading home. As she walks through the seedy streets of a metropolitan city she encounters a man who assaults her. The thief violently goes through her belongings taking what he pleases. Once he finds what he was looking for he leaves the woman alone in the desolate night and begins to flee on foot. We follow him through the streets until he attempts to cross an intersection. Then he is unexpectedly crushed by a drunk driver. The hard hit seems deadly and the spot closes posing the question: Who’s the bad guy now?
This campaign is highly effective because of its realistic quality. The audience experiences the whole story as a witness and is conflicted by a complex situation in which the tables turn exposing the gravity of drunk driving.
The Conill creative team lead by Hernan Cerdeiro is responsible for this idea. The resulting spot was the collaboration between Conill, Letca Films, Moving Forward, and Personal Music.

2015 USH Idea Awards

Commercial Public Services. Public Health & Safety. Public Awareness. Fundraising, Donations & Appeals
Bronze: Conill – Bad Guy – Destilería Serrallés